Texture Paste

Texture Paste

Texture Paste may be used to create texture before or during painting and may be mixed directly into palette colours or used alone.  Ideal for various special effects or Faux Finishes.  It remains flexible when dry.  Available in tubes in both white and black or in a jar for white only.



  • Apply with dry brush, rubber spatula or palette knife to create textured background effects.
  • Texture Paste may be tinted and piped through a cake decorating tube or bottle for textured decoration.  Apply to the surface or palette paper and allow to dry.  When completely dry, remove from the paper.  Apply to the surface by brushing All Purpose Sealer on the back to adhere to the surface.
  • Apply Texture Paste through a stencil using a palette knife to create textured designs on projects or walls.  The thickness of the stencil will determine the thickness of the design.
  • For textured brush strokes, mix Jo Sonja Matte Flow Acrylic beginning with a reatio of 1:1 and paint as desired.  For strokes with less texture and more transparency, mix with Kleister Medium 1:1 before mixing into colour.
  • Use Jo Sonja Matte Flow Acrylic to lightly pigment for a coloured ground similar to gesso.  Use Textured Paste for base coating to smooth coarse wood grain or imperfections in the surface.
  • Drying time of Texture Paste will vary depending on climate, humidity and thickness of application.  Allow a minimum of 24 hours for thick application of the medium.
  • When dry, Texture Paste may be sanded to smooth and will accept paint.  Crackle Medium may be applied over the painted surface for added textural effects.
  • Antiquing or colour glazing using colour mixed with Gel Retarder or Retarder Medium will emphasize textural effects.


Approximate coverage: 1 ml = 188 sq cm / 1oz = 6 sq ft.

Safe to dry with a hair dryer.

Water based, can be cleaned up with mild soap and cool water.

Conforms to ASTM D 4236 and is Non Toxic.